Monday, January 26, 2015

New boots from Aldo, clothes haul from Mango

I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was a working one but I had Monday off which was nice but too short!  I need a day to recover and another day for chores and all the things I'm too tired to do during the week!  Continuing the theme of my last 'New Year, New Me' post, one of the things I've been really wanting to do is overhaul my wardrobe.  Normally I'm a very cautious shopper.  I'm very budget concious and will really only buy the odd piece (usually only in the sales) now and again.  Lately though I've been having that feeling where you open your wardrobe and you've worn everything 100 times and nothing excites you.  There are still some amazing sales on so I thought I would take advantage of that and shake things up a bit.
Leather Boots Aldo

I've always had a thing for boots that were higher than the knee but never taken the plunge.  I'm usually put off by the price.  When I went in to Aldo the other week they had a sale of up to 60% off boots and I spotted these beautiful leather boots that were not quite thigh-high but definitely higher than anything I had owned before.
I tried them on and instantly fell in love.  I was visualising skinny jeans and oversized jumpers, or mini skirts and dresses with a 60's vibe.  I knew this was the starting point I needed for my wardrobe/style revamp.
winter/ spring fashion

I went to Mango in search of the skinny jeans I was picturing and found these dark denim high waisted skinny jeans in the sale as well as some black regular waist skinny jeans.  The only jeans I had been wearing until that point were some light blue denims from Mango which I had bought in the summer but were now looking very worn and baggy.
Fashion Style
I also found an oversized jumper in the sale for 15 euros which I wanted in grey but they didn't have my size left so I went for it in white.  I'm loving my new clothes so far as they are all staples so I can easily wear them with many things I have in my wardrobe at the moment.  The only problem though is that when I bought the boots the temperature had warmed up and most of the snow on the ground was melting so I thought it was the perfect time to buy these as they are not really snow boots.  Two days later and the snow started falling again so I guess I will have to wait a little while now to get the chance to wear them!  I'm looking forward to teaming them with the new clothes I already bought, and I'm keeping my eye out for some cute dresses to wear them with as well!

Till next time :)


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