Friday, April 24, 2015

Books and french plaits

I think it's time for a little life update mostly illustrated by photos!
I bought this book to read on a whim when I saw it was on sale in the shop.  I pretty much bought it because I liked the look of the cover, haha!  I doubt that's the best way to pick a book to read and I haven't got far with it yet but so far it's pretty unoffensive.  A bit whimsical and definitely based in a fantasy world, I sense it will be an easy and quick read.
The sun was shining and as I'm pretty obsessed with it I had to snap a picture.  I find my mood is hugely improved when the sun is shining and it really hasn't been much lately which is a big problem for me.  I take vitamin D and hope that helps me to stay positive alongside the exercise I do almost every day for my job.
I have an obsession with mini eggs.  They're my favourite chocolate treat.  As soon as they come out for Easter I'm all over them!  These were brought over by my family.
I've never been able to do french plaits until recently.  I have tried to on and off for years but found my attempts completely useless!  Suddenly I figured out how to do it by holding one of the strands in my mouth whilst I work with the other two and then swapping over when I'm ready to use that strand.  I usually do a side parting and then plat both sides all the way to the ends.  Then I fold them over each other across the bottom of my head and pin them securely with the end of each plait tucked under itself so the bobbles aren't visible.  It's one of my favourite styles to wear at the moment for ballet class.  It just means I have to start getting ready about 15 minutes earlier than usual because it can take me a little while!
  Sometimes for a night out I'll french plait down one side and then leave the rest of my hair loose or curled.  I'm not very good at doing fancy hairstyles so this is a huge improvement for me!

Till next time :)


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