Thursday, April 23, 2015

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick Review: Shade 53 Wildly Pink


So my last post was about one of my birthday enabled beauty purchase.  Well here is another.  Actually this was more of a sales enabled purchase because I can't bring myself to pay full price for a designer brand lipstick.  However I do like carrying around a posh lipstick in my handbag and have had a fetish for them since I bought my Chanel lipstick in the sales back in January.
So this time the brand in question was Estee Lauder.  I've never bought anything from the range before, essentially because of the price.
When I spotted these lipsticks in the sale I was excited at the prospect of adding another expensive lipstick to my collection.  I went for a shade I knew I'd get a lot of wear out of.  Shade number 53, Wildly a bold true pink, bright enough without being too bright but still striking.

The design of the lipstcks is really pretty.  I love the gold and clear casing and that the gold square  with the Estee Lauder logo on it sticks out a little in front of the lid which slides in behind it.   Unfortunately when I took off the lid after purchasing and inspected the lip stick inside I noticed that it had in fact been used!  The top of the nib was definitely not the perfect, smooth matte untouched nib of a new lipstick.  It was barely detectable but I could definitely tell someone had swiped it at least once.  I was extremely annoyed and upset because, sale or not, this was an expensive purchase for me and should have come damn well brand new!  I did consider going back to the shop and kicking up a fuss but in the end decided to try and disinfect it myself at home.  This is not like me, normally I go and complain if I feel something is out of order but that day, my birthday, I just wasn't in the mood.  So I came home, scraped off the top with a knife and sprayed it with disinfectant.  I left it to air dry and decided to leave it at that.

This really did put me off the lipstick, it seemed tainted in my mind but I will try to review it anyway as unbiased as I can.  The quality of the formula is really good.  The colour is bright and bold which you would expect from the name of the range (Pure Colour).  The formula is very creamy making it very comfortable to wear on the lips.  More comfortable than the Chanel lipstick I bought but because it is drier the Chanel is probably slightly longer lasting.  The Estee Lauder lipstick is probably the creamiest lipstick I own but the colour still stays on the lips quite well.  If you are eating/drinking and you want the colour to stay bright all night you will want to retouch it a bit.  The best thing about this lipstick is the vibrant colour and the comfortable wear of the formula.  It goes on the lips really smoothly and evenly.  I do think you can tell it's a higher quality lipstick from the formula.  The Pure Colour lipsticks come in two different finishes and Wildly Pink is from the Lasting Shimmer finish range but I really can't tell there's any shimmer when it's on my lips, which is what I prefer.  It does have a nice sheen to it though which I like.  If you like bright colour and a formula that's comfortable to wear then I would recommend these lipsticks.  I looked online and found them for sale at John Lewis for £18.90.

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