Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why Blogging?


How is your day going?  I thought I'd write a bit about why I blog and what I think attracted me to blogging in the first place.  I guess like most people I started reading other people's blogs before deciding to try to write my own.  I was really surprised by the number of beauty and lifestyle blogs there were out there when I first started looking and by how professional and enjoyable to read they were.  My full time job is being a ballet dancer and as much as I love my job and that world, sometimes things can get rather intense.  When I come home from work I can really really do with any method I can to switch off from my job and relax.  Reading and writing blogs has become the perfect distraction.
What type of blog appeals to me most changes from day to day.  I started off pretty obsessed with reading about everything beauty: every new release, every beauty favourites, every person's look of the day.... Then I would go through a phase of loving everything home related; followed by an obsession with every featured wedding post etc. etc.  Now I just pick and choose a selection of different posts to look at and I feel like I'm curating my own personal magazine to read.  That's also one of the great benefits of reading blogs, it's like reading a magazine except for free.  I love that the internet has given people the chance to express themselves and reach an audience if they feel they have the desire without necessarily having the right qualifications or job experience for the role.  I can understand why professional writers might find this distressing but if you're doing it for the love of it and for free than why should anyone stop you.  If you're making a living or a small extra bit of money on the side doing it then good for you, I don't see how that makes you any different from a smart business man or woman.
Being a dancer can be a lonely life because of the strange hours we work and the fatigue which makes it hard to get out in your free time.  Part of the appeal of blogging is being able to connect with others from the comfort of your own home who probably also have similar interests to you.  This is something that is often seen as a negative, connecting with people on-line as opposed to in real life.  I see plenty of people during the day at my job, and when time allows will happily pop out for a coffee with a friend.  Connecting with people in the virtual world of the internet is merely an addition to this.  The type of relationship you might have with an online community might be a completely new kind of relationship dynamic that didn't exist before the internet, but that doesn't necessarily make these relationships all bad.  The world is always changing and the internet is a big part of that, the pro's and con's of which this generation is having to navigate.
I really love taking pictures and enjoy a bit of writing and having a creative outlet to express myself by writing blog posts now and again when I feel like it helps me to fulfil those need.
What are you're reasons for blogging?  Do you also do it to cut off from the rest of your life and relax or do you do it for any other reasons?

Till next time :)


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