Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Make-up Favourites!

Yes I know it's a little in to April already but I've been busy the past weeks celebrating Easter and my birthday so the March favourites are coming out now!
Gosh Forever Eye Shadow Stick
I bought this fairly recently but was excited by it enough for it to already be in my favourites.  I need to do a full review and hopefully I will get that up soon!  In brief it's easy to use and the colour is gorgeous.

Manhattan Lip Lacquer in Rose & Shine
 I wrote a full review on this here.  I've added this as I've been wearing it a lot.  It adds just the right amount of pink to any eye look I'm wearing.  It's really pigmented and leaves a nice stain once it's worn off.

Lumene Blueberry Liquid Eye Liner 
A liquid eyeliner had been missing from my life for a while.  I've been trying not to use it every day because when I did that in the past with another brand of liquid liner it seemed to irritate my eyelids.  It's hard not to use it every day though because the brush is so easy to use and the liner is a rich liquid black making for a striking eye look.

The Balm Hot Mama Blusher 
I'm sure I will have put this in my favourites before but I have been wearing it almost every day.  I have to go quite sparingly with it as it is quite a bright shade but applied lightly it leaves a lovely warm colour and the gold shimmer in it means I don't need to use any highlighter.

Eyelash curlers from Misslyn  
I haven't curled my eye lashes in years but when I bought a new mascara that didn't give me the curl I wanted I bought these so I could make use out of it.  It did the job and for the price I feel like these are pretty good quality.

Till next time :)



  1. I have tried some of Misslyn products. They have some good quality products with reasonable prices.