Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quirky dresses

I've been selling things I no longer wear on Ebay recently.  I would like to clear out all my old things and own  only what I really love.  I have accumulated too much over the years!  I think clutter is bad for your soul in some ways.  It make me scared to move on because you always worry about what you're going to do with all your stuff.  I think there's a free spirit in me that's being suffocated by possessions.

One of the dresses I was planning to get rid of though has been growing on me as I photographed it ready for selling.  It's a cute H&M dress which I got a few years ago but it is actually pretty quirky and unusual.  My favourite items of clothing in general are cute and quirky dresses.  So maybe this one will have to stay.  I might make it a bit shorter though to change it up a bit.

It's such an unusual colour, and what a cute heart print.  I'm looking forward to wearing it in the summer now!

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