Thursday, January 17, 2013


One thing that makes me happier than anything else is having the opportunity to travel.  I came across this quote on tumblr the other day 'it is better to see the world and own little of it, than to own the world and see little of it.'  I think this is so true.  My short holidays with my boyfriend are the free-est and happiest I have ever felt.  I have been to Lake Garda in Italy with it's stunning mountain scenery and Kefalonia in Greece for one week holidays that were absolutely wonderful.  Our next destination is going to be Halkidiki in Greece.  I'm really excited.  I think that to travel will be a life long ambition of mine.


Sitting on the beach with the surf between your toes is almost enough of a reason to be alive.  If there's anything worth saving up for to me going somewhere for a holiday is the ultimate goal right now.

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