Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday things

I started my day looking at more digital camera's online.  I found the best deal seemed to be on an Olympus SH-14 that I can get in the sales here at the moment.  I went to look for it at the shop I'd seen it being sold at  online but it turns out I'll have to go to their out of town shop to buy it.  I might make a trip there tomorrow!

I took some photos with my Kodak camera on the way home.  I love the ones of the trees.  I have a thing for trees.

Back at home I cleaned out our kettle using white wine vinegar which works amazingly well.  You just put in a splash of the vinegar with enough water to reach the minimum fill level, boil and voila!  Sparkling clean!  Afterwards I usually pour out the water and boil a couple more loads of water and then pour them out to get rid of the vinegar taste and smell.

I decided to paint a pretty hand held mirror I've had for years which has been looking a bit rough lately.  I painted it pastel pink as I happen to have some lying around.  It certainly looks smarter!

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