Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Things

I had an early start today for a Sunday.  Well, I was up at 9.30 am.  After a phone call to my Mum I decided to paint my nails.  I fancied a shiny mossy green colour.  It's called Kiwi and it's by Misslyn.  I haven't painted my nails in ages as I've been performing a lot recently and I was definitely out of practise.  Urgh!  Not the perfectly painted nails I'd been imagining.  I like this unusual earthy colour though.

When I got dressed I decided I was in a dotty mood.  I wore this grey and yellow dotty top by H&M and some old Gap 1969 jeans that I've worn to death over a year or more and definitely need replacing!

I also wore some grey pearl earrings to match my top.  They are so simple and yet slightly unusual because of the grey colour.  I'd really like to make some of these using freshwater pearls and sterling silver.  These ones are from Accessorize.  They came in a set of three colours and have been so useful as I can wear them with almost anything.

After that I went off to the shops where I ended up going in to the sale at Mango.  Big Mistake!  Two new pairs of shoes and a jumper later I was back at home.

Both these shoes were really good deals.  The khaki ankle boots have a good tread so will hopefully last me a while.  The black high heels should go with pretty much anything and were so elegant and classy looking when I tried them on in the shop!  Any excuse for a new pair of shoes.  You can still buy them on-line here for the suede ankle boots, and here for the suede slip on pumps.

It gets dark here so early it's hard to take pictures in natural lighting.  I'll try and take a picture of my new jumper during the day sometime soon.  If it wasn't Winter I'd love to try taking some outfit photos outside with my new camera.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday.  Until next time!

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