Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Goals and Journaling


Happy February!

I hope you had a lovely Sunday.  I spent it catching up on some much needed rest.  At the beginning of this month I bought a book I wanted to use as a journal/ diary which I could record my general goals and aspirations for the year in.  This was also a really good excuse to get using all the washi tape I've been collecting up.  I've been trying to divide the book up in a way that's going to be really useful and appealing so that I will use it.  So far I decided to draw up a calender on a full page before each month and give myself a page each month for blog ideas.  I wrote down my goals for 2015 but also decided to try to do some more focused monthly goals which I could also write in at the beginning of each month.  Originally I wanted to buy a nice already laid out diary but I like how the blank pages of this book give me the opportunity to create a diary/journal however I want to
As well as the washi tape I also have these really cute Emma Bridgewater sticky notes to use which I got as a Christmas present.

So how did I do on my goals for January?

  • drink green tea -  I drank a lot of green tea this month!  I drank it at work pretty much everyday in place of my daily coffee I used to drink before I realised I was having a reaction to caffeine!
  • drink lots of water - I started off really well with this one but perhaps could do better on it over the past week or so.  It definitely makes me feel better and makes my skin look better too
  • go to the gym for stamina - I managed to fit this in quite a few times when my work schedule was less busy.  I hope to keep working on this in to February.  I was generally going for 20-30 minutes on the cross-trainer on days when my rehearsals were not too full on.
  • finish Cloud Atlas - so I'm finally reading again!  I haven't finished it but I'm about half way through which is amazing seeing as I've had this book for about five years.
  • wake up slightly earlier - errr failed, unless you count days where I wake up and can't fall back to sleep at 5am!

In all I'm quite pleased with how these goals went and I definitely want to try and set some more for February.  I'm feeling like these will be sorting/ organising focused ones and I've got my fingers crossed it will lead to more change.

Have you started keeping a journal in 2015?

Till next time :)


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