Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cozy dinners and a temporary engagement ring


How are you?  My Sunday show is done and now I'm trying to relax and wind down which I often find difficult to do after the high energy and stress of a show.  Something that really helps is when my fiance cooks me something yummy for dinner.  Lucky me!
Last weekend he cooked vegetarian shepherd's pie which I love.  It's a recipe we've been using for a while and I think it's the red wine in it that makes it so appealing!
Sometimes we get given red wine as a gift after a performance which is great.  We don't drink wine a lot though so this is a delicious way to use it up!
Since I got engaged I really wanted to wear a ring on my engagement finger but until I get my ring re-sized I needed a replacement.  I had spied this pretty rose gold and cubic zircona ring a while ago but was trying to find something a bit cheaper.  In the end I couldn't find anything nice enough so I decided to just go for it as I can always wear it on my other hand once I get my real ring done.

I'm really pleased with it, and now I also know my real ring size as none of the rings I already owned would fit on that finger!
I feel a bit more relaxed now.  I hope you've had a nice relaxing weekend.  I'm off to the chiropractor tomorrow so I've got my finger's crossed that helps the neck trouble I've been having.
Till next time!

Twirlybirdie :)

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