Sunday, February 9, 2014

Joik haul

Hello!  I hope you are having a nice Sunday evening.  I am attempting to bake a cake, so I will probably let you know how that turns out later!
A few weeks ago I bought a small haul of products from an Estonian brand called Joik.  They have a nice range of products, many of which are made from 100% natural ingredients which is reassuring if you are worried about added chemicals.  I've never tried anything of there's before I did my little online order so I was excited to test out the brand.  I bought a lip balm, body oil and face mask.
The silky lipgloss in Red Wine I was disappointed with at first as I was expecting the colour to be a bit stronger.  It has a very subtle red tint to it which really didn't show very much on my lips.  It is a waxy texture more than a cream one, which forms a soft protective barrier on the lips.  I was surprised to find myself reaching for this frequently in my hand bag to add some moisture to my lips.  It is a very dinky and light to carry around and I have found it useful to have with me.

The moisturising lemon and bergamot body-oil has a light citrusy scent.  It comes in an easy to use spray pump bottle.  I like this oil although I would prefer it to have a stronger scent.  I also wouldn't mind being able to get more oil out at a time although this is just a personal preference.  It is very moisturising and light on the skin.  I find my skin drinks it up pretty fast however I think I prefer the Body Shop sweet lemon beautifying oil because of it's stronger scent and I find it's a bit richer which suits my dryer skin type.

Finally I got the Chocolate facial mask for tired and stressed skin. I love this face mask.  It contains cocoa powder, maroccan lava clay, whole milk powder and mel powder.  It comes as a powder so you have to mix it yourself with milk or water.until it makes a soft paste consistency.

Then you spread it on dry skin avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes and lips and leave it for 10-15 minutes to dry.  It does dry really quite tight.  Then you remove it with warm water.  I really like how my skin feels after I use it.  Considering how dry the mask gets my skin doesn't feel dry at all after I've used it.  My skin looks matte but feels soft.
I've been really enjoying using this once a week to relax whilst in the bath.  The chocolate mask can be a bit messy so it's probably best to use it in the bath where all the mess will be self contained when you wash it off.

I'd really like to try other products from this brand, especially maybe another facial mask.  It's mid-range price wise so I'll have to save up a bit first.

My cake should be done in a few minutes.  Till next time!


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