Friday, February 7, 2014

Life lately


I feel like I've done a lot of beauty product reviews recently so I wanted to do another general life lately post.  I've pulled my neck again!  It keeps on happening and I'm beginning to suspect is connected to a trapped nerve in my shoulder.  I can keep dancing though so that is one good thing about it I guess.  Otherwise I have mostly been trying to not spend money to save for my wedding and buying little things and blogging about them!
I've been taking really good care of the skin on my face but the skin on my hands was getting neglected and really irritated by the cold dry winds.  This L'occitaine hand cream in Date Bouquet has definitely softened the skin on my hands but the scent is a little too strangely spiced for my liking.
I  got this Clarins gift set in the sale.  It came with the wrinkle eraser, the eclat minute lip perfecter and the beauty flash balm.  Two other samples were given to me at the till which was nice!
I got this head band half price in the sale in Promod.  I think I've been looking at too much 20s wedding themed pictures on Pinterest lately!  I have no idea where I could wear this apart from to a Gatsby themed do!
I finally found a reason to wear this sparkly skirt from Dahlia out this weekend.  I can't seem to get enough sparkle in my life at the moment!  Maybe this post should have been called 'shopping lately'.  I should take my camera out with me more but I find I don't because it's a bit heavy.

Here's to the arrival of the weekend! 

Till next time :)


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