Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekend activities: coffee date


How are you?  I had a day off from blogging yesterday and then what do I see but Joik has shared my Joik post on their facebook page and my views have shot up way higher than usual!  So that was a nice surprise.  Did you get up to anything nice last weekend?  A common treat for us is to pop out for coffee.  Last weekend we went to an English style pub as it is one of the only places round here you can also order a plate of chips to go with it.  It's also one of the last places where prices haven't shot through the roof since we joined the euro so that's a nice bonus.
My boyfriend treated himself to a latte which I can't have because I can't tolerate a lot of milk.  They look so delicious though.
I love the foam.
Salty food goes so well with sweet coffee.  Thank god for the one last place that serves a cheap plate of chips!  Everywhere else is going up market cosmopolitan but sometimes you just want something cheap and unhealthy!

I'm already looking forward to our next coffee date.  I was proud of myself for actually taking my SLR camera out with me for once.  It fits nicely in my hand bag but it makes my hand bag so heavy for my weak little arms!


  1. I love coffee and it is always nice to go out and treat yourself to a nice foamy coffee :)

    1. Met too! I never used to drink it but now I think I might be addicted :S