Saturday, February 8, 2014

Topshop Gloss Ink in Smitten

Happy Saturday!  It's still a work day for me but I'm happy knowing I have a lie in to look forward to tomorrow.  The weather here has warmed up quite a lot although it's still quite overcast.  I'm still feeling chilly enough to be enjoying my hot tea in the evening and lighting candles though.  Sometimes when it's dark and gloomy a bright lip colour is needed to brighten the day.  When I was at home for Christmas I picked up a Topshop Gloss Ink in Smitten.  Well what can I say, I was....smitten.  Haha, sorry.

This is one of the brightest lip sticks I've ever owned!  Not only is it super bright, highly pigmented colour, but it manages to be glossy as well.  I've never known anything glossy to stay on my lips for longer than say 1 hour but the first day I wore it out I popped in to a cafe for a drink with my Mum.  After drinking my coffee I got out the Gloss Ink expecting it to be desperately in need of re-applying, when what did I see in the compact mirror?  It was still almost perfect!

I genuinely couldn't believe it was still on my lips and it made me really want to buy more different shades to try out.  I haven't got round to that ( maybe after a few more pay days!) but I have worn this out a few more times.  I would say that it is gorgeous and glossy but watch out because it does transfer!  You don't want to accidentally smudge it with your hand and end up staining your face.  Other than that I would really love to try this in a more neutral shade for general day time activities. maybe the light pink Sugar Rush?.  

I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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