Saturday, February 1, 2014

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure - Shine Control Moisturiser


how are you?  It's snowy here, blizzard like.  It's been either cloudy or sunny whilst I've been at work and already getting dark once I arrive home so I've not had much opportunity to take photographs in nice natural light.

On a sunny day I was able to photograph the Garnier Shine Control Moisturiser which I was lucky enough to find on sale at home during Christmas time.  I had this years ago and would of repurchased it but found it quite difficult to locate abroad so I forgot about it.  The skin on my forehead can be quite oily so I tend not to put moisturiser on it but with the harsh winter weather I've been getting a few dry patches.  I remember this moisturiser to be really non greasy and mattifying.  I spotted it in Superdrug for under 3 pounds in the sale for a 75ml tube which seemed like quite a decent amount compared to other tiny amounts that everything seems to be sold in these days.

The formula seems to be exactly the same as I remembered it.  It is a light blue coloured cream almost gel like in consistency.  It has a reassuringly clay-like scent.  I find a little goes a long way.  After application the skin does look quite matt and feels non-greasy but moisturised.
 I wouldn't say it lasts all day although I'm not the best guinea pig for that as I work up a sweat for a living.

If you want a moisturiser that doesn't make your skin feel greasy this definitely works and is good value for money.  It contains white clay and zinc which makes it calming and non greasy on the skin.  I find it doesn't block my pores or irritate my skin which can be very sensitive.  It's also still on sale on the Superdrug website so it's a great time to test it out for cheap!

I tend to only use this on my forehead and use the Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser on the rest of my skin as that needs more moisture and I appreciate the SPF it contains.  If the Garnier moisturiser contained SPF then it would be perfect!

I'm going to a 90's themed party tonight so terrible make-up and fashion is on the cards!

Till next time

Twirlybirdie :)

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