Friday, February 21, 2014

Late night thoughts- and new boots


How are you?  Things for me have been a bit hectic these past few days.  I've been busy performing and feeling a bit run down in the breaks.  Luckily that busy period is over and I have a calmer week coming up.  Today I was able to go to the chiropractor and have a massage which really sorted out my tired body.
I also fitted in some extra sleep and I immediately began to feel better.  The fog in my brain has started to lift and I feel more awake again.  I often read that it's meant to be bad for your health to sleep in at weekends but I feel like what ever your body is telling you it needs you should listen to it.  I always feel better when I pay attention to how I feel and sleep more if I need to.
The weather is much warmer here than usual for Winter.  It already feels like Spring on some days.  I still have winter morning sunrises through bare trees to look at though.
My winter boots literally fell apart at the seams.  I put off getting a new pair for ages because decent ones are so expensive.  A shoe store here had an amazing 70% off sale though so I finally got my replacement boots.  I have to keep my dancer's ankles safe and warm in the snow!
I really need to cull some of my clothes so I've been taking pictures of some things to get ready to sell them on ebay!
I love my white wedding planner.  It's the perfect colour!
I'm looking forwards to having time to think about things other than work over the next few days and hopefully write up a few blog posts.  The next busy period arrives soon and will then be lasting for quite a while so I better enjoy it while I can!

Nighty night!


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