Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Finding an anti-perspirant for sensitive skin

Anti Perspirant for Sensitive skin

Hi there!
How is your week going?  I had training this morning and I'm back for rehearsals in to the evening today so I'm using this break in my work day to write up this blog post about my struggles with anti-perspirant..
As a dancer one thing that is pretty important when it comes to personal hygiene is using anti-perspirant deoderant.  When you're exercising in close proximity with other people all day long you really don't have a choice but to wear it.  As someone with sensitive skin it can be really difficult to find a good anti perspirant that works but doesn't irritate.  Unfortunately when my eczema flares up the skin under my armpits can be affected and that's so uncomfortable when you're working out because you still need to put something on under there or you'll be stinky and gross your fellow dance colleagues out.
I kept having flare ups now and then and eventually I realised that I was having a reaction whenever I wasn't using my Garnier Mineral Sensitive Anti-perspirant.  In the past I would always look for anti perspirants that said they were calming or soothing but suddenly these weren't working for me.  I stopped using anything other than the Garnier Sensitive one which I realised even has hypoallergenic written on packaging!  Perfect.  About a month ago my one at home ran out (I keep one at home and one at work) so I went out to the shops to pick it up and it was no where to be found!  I thought maybe they had just run out of stock but recently my one at work ran out too and they are still AWOL.  Arghhh!  I can't believe it, Garnier what are you playing at?!  So now I'm on the hunt for an equally sensitive one that does the job well which potentially means trial and error of buying different ones and hoping they a) work and b) don't irritate my skin.
The first one I picked up was the Nivea Pure & Sensitive Anti-perspirant roll on for Sensitive skin.  So far I've had no problems.  I'm not convinced it's a strong as the Garnier one was but there's been no under-arm irritation so far which I'm pleased about.  I've only been using it about a week or two but so far I'm just pleased I've found one that doesn't give me a rash!  The formula is creamy and not strongly scented.  So far so good.  I'll let you know how I get on with it but if you've any suggestions for good anti-perspirants for sensitive skin in the mean time do let me know!

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