Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How we spent our Valentine's Day

Hi there!

How was your weekend?  I really enjoyed mine and had one of the best Valentine's Day's I've ever had!  I've been feeling a bit down and confused lately about my life and the direction in which it's heading (mainly career issues) so was really surprised to have such a great day on Valentine's Day as we had no specific plans.  I'm really lucky that I have my lovely fiancé and that we were able to spend most of the day together.  In the morning I went to my training class at work but before I left my fiancé presented me with a little gift!  I wasn't expecting a present at all and was really touched that he had remembered a couple of books I'd been looking at in the book store.  It really put me in a good mood so I went off to work happier than usual.

Having these books to read has given me even more incentive to get on and finish the book I'm reading at the moment, Cloud Atlas.
After the class I needed to go to the shops to pick up the present I was going to get for him...a home made cake!  He had been talking about how much he wanted birthday cake lately so even though this is exactly what I had done for him last year I thought he wouldn't complain if I made him a cake again.  I haven't baked for ages so it was really nice to get baking again!  Once the cake was baked we headed out for coffee and a cake (think there's a theme here!).
We went out to a really popular cafe at a really busy time but somehow we managed to find a table (!).  After a lovely time having green tea and cake we headed back home and booked tickets to go to the cinema to see The Imitation Game.  I also wanted to ice my cake but when I took a proper look at it.....disaster!  It seemed that the very centre of it was not properly cooked.  I wanted to throw it away and start again but my very level headed fiancé suggested we cut out the centre and make it a doughnut cake.  I was extremely sceptical but he was insistent that he wanted the doughnut cake instead of a new one (bless him).
We had a couple of hours until the film started so we went out for sushi but the restaurant was really busy!  We ended up going to a different restaurant instead and I had a nice light salad which was good because it left room for my favourite thing about going to the cinema....popcorn!
The film was entertaining.  I enjoyed watching it although was a bit disappointed that the script writers seemed to have taken so much poetic license with the story in order to make it more entertaining.  Some how parts of the plot didn't ring true for me but I thought that the acting was brilliant and it's good that it's highlighting such an important event in history.
Cake baking icing blogging

Then we came back home and I iced the doughnut cake at my fiancé's request.  I decided to use blue food colouring in the icing but because of the yellow from the butter I used it came out green!  Green is my fiancé's favourite colour so in a way that was perfect.  Honestly it tasted pretty good!  We have been slowly polishing it off ever since.
I had a bath and read some of Cloud Atlas which was lovely and relaxing.  I'm getting much more into reading again and I can definitely sense that my brain is more alert!  After that we watched Endeavour on TV which was really beautifully filmed and the 60's costumes are just lovely to look at.
I really enjoyed my day and have to say it felt like the best day I had had in a while.  My fiancé and I both agreed it felt really good to be rushing around doing things we enjoyed for a change.  I think I learnt a little lesson in what makes me happiest that day.  Hopefully it's something I can apply to more days than just Valentine's in the future!

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