Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life lately: Shopping and bright pink lipstick


It's been sunny here for the last two days.  Seems rather crazy after so many overcast winter days.  The snow is even melting!  I'm so happy, maybe I will be able to wear my new over the knee boots soon without worrying about slipping on ice.  I have a few random photos that I've taken recently that I thought would fit in to a nice life lately post.
Please excuse the mess in the background!  I've been really loving my oversized Mango jumper I bought in the sale a couple of weeks ago.  I've worn it with my new jeans as well as with my skirts.  It's lovely and snuggly and goes with lots of outfits.
I've been wearing my new jeans that I also bought in the Mango sale so much that I had to buy new socks to wear because I was running out before I'd washed all my others!  Normally I alternate wearing jeans and tights with skirts or a dress.  I looked for some in the sales too (of course, who wants to pay full price for socks?!)  After searching through some weird designs, and lots of Christmas themed ones, I found these cute stripy ones in nice shades of pink and grey.

I wrote about this Tophshop Lip Paint in my January favourites but I haven't posted a photo of me wearing it yet on here.  Because it's so bright I don't get wear it as often as I'd like but last weekend I just decided to go for it even though we were only popping out for coffee during the day.
Still in to the candle phase!  This one is an Air Wick one.  I don't usually buy these but saw them on sale when we went to the local hardware store to look for for boring stuff for the flat.  I think this one is called Orange with Winter Spice.  It's got a strong scent which I like as I want my scented candles to make the room smell nice even when they're not lit.  It also comes in quite a nice frosted glass which looks a lot more sophisticated than the Air Wick packaging suggests.  I'd definitely buy more of these in the future.

I also bought some pretty paper to try to make a friends birthday card with.  

So those were some snap shots from my last week! 
Till next time :)


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