Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Good morning!


How are you?  I'm feeling a little sleepy.  I was restless last night, thinking about old mistakes I've made and how I can move forward in my life.  I've made myself some toast and coffee and got up early to sit down and start writing a blog post.  Like many people I am Not. A. Morning. Person.  Since the weather got really dark and I started to feel like a real life vampire I've been following a ritual of getting up in the mornings and lighting candles.  The candle light hurts my eyes much less than a bulb!

This little pink one is my first ever Yankee Candle!  It's called Pink Sands and I bought it because it was on offer.  Normally I wouldn't buy such an expensive candle but I really do love that the scent is so strong and powerful.  This has quite a strong floral scent.  One day I'd love to test some more of these out!
I also have brought out some fairy lights that I found recently.  They are red hearts and make me feel cozy.

Then I drink my coffee and lose myself in the internet reading blogs and pretending that I don't have to go to work for as long as possible!  After that it's time to try to lure my boyfriend out of bed with the promise of coffee and try and get ready for work as quickly as possible!  I also make sure I drink a glass of water and take some vitamins with my breakfast.
Do you have any rituals that make it easier to wake up in the morning?  I could really do with some ideas!

Till next time :)


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