Sunday, January 19, 2014

Natural soaps - Nurme Seep Cleansing Facial Bar and Goats Milk and Chocolate Soap

How has your day been?  I've been lucky to have a day off today.  Waking up without the alarm going off was bliss.  Another bonus was that it was sunny.  One of the positive sides of the temperatures plunging to below -10 is that you get more winter sun.  It's just a shame that it's too cold to stay outside!

A couple of months or so ago I decided I wanted to try products which were as natural as possible for washing as my eczema had flared up quite badly.  I had no idea if it was something I was using, or eating, or thinking or what that was causing it but I decided to buy some products that was as natural as I could find for using on my skin.

I came across an Estonian brand called Nurme Seep which had a sticker on their soaps saying that they are 100% natural.  Sold.  I ended up buying the Goats Milk and Chocolate soap and the Deep Facial Cleansing Bar.
Both theses soaps smell amazing.  I can smell the essential oils in them and I've even noticed my bathroom smells so much nicer with them in there.

I really like the Chocolate and Goats Milk soap.  I find that it isn't drying or irritating for my skin at all, in fact it feels moisturising, perhaps from the goats milk?  I really like using it and the only thing I don't like is that it is disappearing quicker than I would like.
The facial cleansing bar smells a bit earthier and richer, probably because it has activated charcoal in it as well as lavender oil.  This foamed up much more than expected and feels soft and cleansing to use.  I feel like I have to be really careful not to get it near my eyes because I think the essential oils could be irritating.  I like using this but when my skin is bad I do feel like I need something stronger with salycilic acid in it.  I've been using this together with my usual Garnier face washes and am glad to have something more gentle to use when my face doesn't feel like it needs stripping with stonger stuff.
My foray in to the natural soaps world has been a positive one so far, particularly with soaps for the body.
Vegetarian shepherds' pie is in the oven, cooked for me by my fiance.  Yum!  So until next time :)


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