Monday, January 6, 2014

My new perfume for 2014, Prada Candy!


I hope you are enjoying your Monday (haha!).  Luckily for me Monday is a day off!  Unfortunately it's been overcast here all day so I've been trying to enjoy the light of my newest candles and also some heart fairy lights I've put up.  I've also got the Christmas tree lights on the tree lit up as it's the last day before you're supposed to take it down (I think?).

I bought myself the Prada Candy perfume for Christmas because I had been wanting it for ages.... Well ever since last summer when I had been out shopping all day in sweltering London and I needed a little bit of sprucing up before I went to watch a show in a theater.  I didn't have any perfume with me so I ran into a department store and sprayed myself with the first perfume I found that I liked which happened to be this one.  I've been coveting it ever since and finally gave in this December, (Christmas being my excuse) and ordered it from which had 20%off at the time.
I'm a girly girl and so I approve of the pink packaging!  The scent is very warm and sweet so it won't suit all tastes but if you like your perfumes sweet you should definitely test it out.  I find the smell lasts quite a while on me so I just need a quick spritz in the morning and I'm good to go.  For me sugary sweet scents are winter time scents, my Mum always would tell me I would be chased by flies if I wore sweet smells in the summer!  Now is the perfect time of year for something sugary and warm!
Have you updated your scent this year?  It makes me happy to spray this on in the morning and cheers me up for work :)
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Till next time

Twirlybirdie :)

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