Thursday, January 9, 2014

Body Shop Skincare haul - Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion, Pore Minimiser and Vitamin C Skin Reviver


I hope you are having a nice day.  I'm sat listening to the racket of the flat next door being refurbished.  Drilling and hammering a plenty is my music today and I'm doing my best to stay calm and not get irritated even though it literally sounds as though they're hammering in to the wall of our living room.
There is a Body Shop where I live but it's much more expensive than shopping at the one in the UK so when I went home for Christmas I decided to pick up a few products I've been wanting to try out.

I've been having some trouble with the skin on my forehead just before Christmas.  The pores seemed blocked and came up in quite a few little bumps which was really irritating.  I had this happen once before a few years ago when I was really stressed but I didn't think my stress levels were much higher than normal this time round so I couldn't figure out what it was.  I really wanted some sort of lotion that I could put on my skin and just let it sit and feel like it was doing something so that I wouldn't be attempted to mess around with it.  The Body Shop Tee Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion sounded like what I was looking for and as it was 3 for 2 on skincare I picked up the Tee Tree Pore Minimiser and the Vitamin C Skin Reviver.
I haven't been using these products for more than about 3 weeks so I don't know how they will fare long term but I've been enjoying using them so far.
I use the Tea Tree Night Lotion after I've washed my face and used a blackhead clearing cleanser.  It says to put it on after moisturiser but I've only been using it on my forehead which I don't normally put moisturiser on as that tends to make my forehead break out more.  It has a slightly tea tree like smell and is quite light.  I use just a small amount where I feel I need it.

The pore minimiser I have also been using on my forehead during the day either on it's own or under make-up.  I find it has a mattifying effect more than anything which I like and this is also not too thick that I feel like it will break me out.  It also has a subtle tee tree smell.
The Vitamin C skin reviver I picked up on a whim as I thought it might be like a serum and I've been wanting to try a serum for ages.  In reality this is more of a primer than a serum in texture.  It is a clear gel like formula with a slight iridescence to it and a pleasant scent.  It's very silky and when you spread it on your skin and feels like it sits on top of it like a silky layer.  At first when I put it on I can't really notice a difference but then after a couple of minutes I look in the mirror and my skin looks matte with a slight glow.  I don't know how much of a difference it really makes but I like putting this on my skin.  I used it under my foundation for a show and it worked well for this but made my eye lids too slippery for my eye-shadow to adhere to.  Other than that I've been wearing this more or less everyday for work mostly because I like how it feels and if it's giving me for of a glow than I wont complain!

I think I need to give these products a more long term test to really gauge results but I hope this gave a little insight in to how they might work.

Till next time

Twirlybirdie :)

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