Friday, January 17, 2014

My Body Shop Shop!


How are you?  I'm relaxing at home after a bit of a whirlwind day at work.  I'm feeling less anxious today because my rehearsals at work went a bit better than they did the previous two days of this week.  I had a little bit more time at home than usual so I managed to have a little bath pampering session using my new chocolate and clay face mask by a brand called Joik.  I also managed to get two loads of washing on which never happens.
I recently used up all my Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter which bothered me because it really was the best moisturiser I've found for my eczema.  I find oils don't really work on eczema as well and other moisturisers that have a more waxy like quality don't sink into my skin as well as this body butter does.  
The body butters are really expensive over here so I waited until sale time and found two that I was interested in; the Mango one and the Passion Fruit one.  I held off until I had had time to look at the ingredients online (it really annoys me that you can't easily see the ingredients on some Body Shop products on the packaging).  I found out that the Mango one had parabens in it and the Passion Fruit one didn't so that decision was easy.
 I also ended up getting the sweet lemon beautifying oil because I had it in the summer and I really loved using it.  My normal skin drinks it up and it feels gorgeous to use.  I love the fruity fresh scent too it's not too subtle but also not too heavy.

The body butter has a subtle sweet fruity scent to it and I find the consistency to be really similar to the blueberry one which I also liked.
I'm really looking forward to snuggling in bed soon.  Have a nice evening!

Twirlybirdie :)

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