Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shopping Lately


I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday.  For me it was the first day back to work after the first two day weekend I've had in ages.  Somehow I still felt pretty sleepy.  I managed to get a nice massage in at the end of the day though which is helping to sort my neck out.

I'm enjoying the scent of my Glade candle I bought last week.  It was apple and spice or something like that, something Christmassy!  I have a really bad memory...

I thought I would do a post about a few items of clothing I've picked up in the Winter sales.  I was really bored of wearing the same jumpers over and over again so I bought two new ones.  Both of them with floral design but in quite different ways.

The black and white one I got with 30% off in the sale at a shop called Mojito.  I thought it would go really well with a red lipstick as I was going through a bit of a dark clothing with red lips faze.
The white jumper with blue flowers was from Mango and was half price in the sale.  I'd been after it for ages and it looks really pretty over blue skinny jeans.  I wore it on Monday with my ASOS pinafore.

The sun actually shone yesterday for the first time in ages so I tried to take a few pictures for future posts as normally I'm trying to take them in the dark and it just doesn't float my boat as much.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.  Don't forget to follow me :)

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