Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heart shaped treasures

Hello!  I hope you are having a lovely day, or are going to have if you are reading this in the morning with a hot pot of coffee.

I've always loved looking at pictures of houses full of pretty little ornaments and treasures.  Renting a small apartment abroad makes it seem unnecessary to spend my limited funds on pretty things that I probably wont be able to take with me when I move back home.  I recently spotted some gorgeous glass heart trinket boxes reduced by 70% in a sale here which made them less the 2 euros each.  My jewellery collection has suddenly exploded and I could really use some more storage for my trinkets so I gave in and bought one.  Of course now I have one I want more, they had some in different colours and shapes!

So pretty!  I decided to use this one to store my rings but I could really do with a few more of them to put some of my other treasures in.
I also wanted to write about my surprise jewellery find when I was forced by Mum to visit Argos with her to pick up a Christmas present on Christmas Eve.  I haven't ventured in to Argos for years!  Of course whilst I waited I found myself wandering to the jewellery counter where I spotted this gorgeous ruby and diamond necklace reduced to 25 quid.  The metal is only gold dipped sterling silver but at 25 pounds I was more than happy with this and have never owned a necklace with a real ruby before.
I don't think I ever thought of looking at Argos for jewellery before but I'll be more open minded in the future as I really love this necklace.
Have you ever had an unexpected find like that somewhere you wouldn't think to look?

This is my first ever pre-scheduled post and I'm very pleased with myself that I've written two posts in one day!  One of my new years resolutions is to blog more frequently so it's a start!
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Till next time :)


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