Friday, January 10, 2014

My Latest Earring Creations


I hope you are having a nice day.  I've been a bit under the weather but I think I'm over the worst of it now, though I still feel like I need to take it easy.  I have some big news to write about but I'll post about that at the beginning of next week!

A few days ago I got out my jewellery making tools and made use of a few pretty beads I had lying around.  One of my favourite pieces of jewellery to make are earrings because it is relatively quick and easy to do.
These simple jet black Swarovski crystal drops are so easy to wear with a simple black leotard for work.
 These clear plastics beads are super sparkly in real life.  I made them to wear as the Snow Queen in the Nutcracker because the beads remind me of icicles.
I love the deep green colour of these multi-faceted glass beads.  They also sparkle really prettily in the light!  They are a little heavy for the ball and post findings though so next time I'd probably make them using an ear wire instead.
I made black, green and clear earrings and then I made earrings that were black, green and clear!  Simple and chic.

These pretty fluttery babies are Swarovski Crystal Butterfly beads in a lilac colour.  Simple and pretty.  I put these on sterling silver ear wires.

These ones I actually made a while ago but they're really pretty so I wanted to photograph them.  These are London Blue Topaz jewels that my boyfriend bought me as a present.  I wire wrapped them in sterling silver and added them to sterling silver ear posts.  These are so pretty but I don't get enough wear out of them as they're too heavy for work.  I need more evenings out!
My new favourites!  These are swarovski crystals that I've wired wrapped in tarnish resistant wire and put on sterling silver ear wires.  These crystals are really big and sparkly!  I can't wait to wear them out.  I'd seen earrings made with these crystals in the shop and they were pretty expensive so I thought I'd just pick up the same beads on-line and make them myself.  These beads are from where I've bought a few things from before.
Oh yeah just look at that sparkle!
Last photo is taken by candle light.  Sorry I've posted so many pictures but I'm really in love with these.  I'm thinking of making more using different crystals of this size and maybe making gifts with them!
Do you like to make jewellery?  I definitely feel inspired to make more now.
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Till next time :)



  1. They're so pretty Hayley! Particularly the dark green ones and the last ones (the purpley ones) :) xxxxx

  2. Thank you! Those are my favourite ones too :) xxxx